Am i a womfn? Am i a womfn?

I want to throw a mini-parade for every gay couple holding hands I see walking down the street. Just sortof keep flowers in my pockets to shower over them…

Give me your Downton Abbey art prompts!

I can’t promise I’ll do anything with them, but I would love to hear what you would want to see me draw from Downton Abbey!

I recommend sending me Thomas/Jimmy or just Thomas prompts because those will most likely be something I would draw, but I’m curious to hear all prompts and who knows? I might feel frisky :P






We’re seeking submissions of Young Adult stories with asexual/aromantic main characters! We’re looking for main characters ages 14-18 who experience positive character growth though the story.

Please see the information in the poster above or check our our submission guidelines.

See a more complete list of what we’re looking for at the original post. And please, give us feedback if there’s something you’d like to see that we’ve left out.

I will boost this as much as possible. Seeing ace stories when I was younger would have made a world of difference, and even now that I’m older and know what I identify as, there still aren’t enough stories about people like me. Kudos to HIP for being so proactive about the representation available through their publishing house.

Reblogging because this is super cool, but also because my novella (while it has asexual characters) is a bit short to fit the wordcount. 

But you can get it on amazon - borrow for free as an amazon prime member :)  And if a lot of you are interested, let me know and I can set up a giveaway day, where you can all download a free copy.  

Is there a deadline for this? I want to submit something but it would take a while to write

Nope! It’s a perpetual call.

Not even copious amounts of caffeine can save me this morning…

I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to

Donnie Darko (2001)


*points at screen* THAT’S the evil magician who put a curse on my vagina heart


Dean Winchester looks good wearing ANYTHING.

I was about 8 knife scoops in before I realized I needed a spoon.

That Gay Club - Thommy Highschool AU [part 1]

I don’t read AU’s, and I rarely write fanfiction.. WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?

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"A young man… —let us draw his portrait with a single stroke of a pen: picture to yourself Don Quixote at eighteen, Don Quixote husked, without hauberk and greaves, Don Quixote dressed in a woolen dublet whose blue color has been transformed into an elusive nuance of wine lees and celestial azure. A long, brown face; prominent cheekbones a token of shrewdness, enormously developed jaw muscles, an infallible sign by which to recognize a Gascon, even without a beret, and our young man was wearing a beret, decorated with a sort of feather; eyes open and intelligent; nose hooked but finely drawn; too tall for an adolescent, too small for a grown man, and whom the inexperienced eye would have taken for a farmer’s son on a journey,were it not for his long sword, hung from a leather baldric, which slapped against its owners calves when he was on foot, and against the bristling hide of his mount when he was on horse back."

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Is it normal for creators to be in a constant state of flux between, “what I made is really good, I’m so proud!” and, “This is really quite terrible, who would look at this with any sense of fondness?!”?

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